Retractable Awnings

  • The most popular type amongst Awnings.
  • Significantly extends usability of Terrace or Patio by providing a cool, comfortable shaded area & also reduces air conditioning cost.
  • Comprises of spring loaded arms, a gear box / motor & weather proof fabric which gets rolled onto a roller bar.
  • Available in projection from 5' up to 12' & with widths of 10' up to 50'.
  • Retractable Awnings have the option of Motorisation. An Awning Motor is a reversable tubular motor which is inserted in a roller tube of the awning.
  • The motorized awning can be operated with a touch button. The unit stops automatically once the awning is fully retracted or opened.

Hut Type Awnings

  • A self supporting structure comprising of two folding Arm Awnings mounted on central support frame.
  • Single gear box operates both awnings simultaneously.
  • Available in widths from 10' to 24' & projections of 5' x 12' on either side.
  • Single length of fabric used between both awnings to avoid seepage.
  • Option of castors on stands for easy maneuverability.
  • Ideal for gardens, pool side, restaurants & also used for car parks.

Window Awnings

  • A beautiful dome shaped awning with 3 sides covered.
  • Ideal for doors & windows which have no chajjas.
  • Can have a fixed MS frame made from powder coated aluminum profile.
  • Hinge joints made of high impact plastic.
  • Fabric mounted on frame by staples on a black PVC bidding & then sealed with PVC Hidem tape.
  • Available in projections from 2' to 5' & custom made widths.
  • Excellent medium for Advertising for shop fronts.

Drop Arm Awnings

  • Small size retractable awning designed to provide total privacy without affecting smooth passage of breeze.
  • Comprising of roller tube, gear box, fabric & two non folding arms which can be rotated up to 140 degrees.
  • Available in projection of 1' to 5' & custom made widths.

Vertical Awnings

  • Extemely efficient form of protecting balconies and verandas from, both solar heat and rain.
  • Vertical awnings can be rolled up or down completely manually or with motorised operation.
  • Beautiful weather resistant fabrics in the colour and design of your choice.